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About Us

We found, support and invest in innovative online concepts

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Starting an internet business today is hip, many see in start-ups an alternative to an ordinary professional life. Often however the igniting idea for such a company is missing. Whoever wants to start a company needs a good idea for it and has to cope with many other hurdles: How does an idea emerge from a functioning business model? Where does money come from? How does a company grow? What is Social Entrepreneurship? How do you end the harvest? Our task is to be the right partner for the successful implementation and realization of business models for future entrepreneurs.

Capitalsbest is a company builder

Capitalsbest is the company builder for the development of own business concepts in the area of ​​Internet, mobile and app development. We also see ourselves as an incubator, a so-called incubator for start-ups, which we also promote and accompany with other ideas.

We are specialists in the field of venture creation! The idea is, as an institutional co-founder, to found new companies in the area of ​​the digital economy, ie Internet start-ups, so that they can later be handed over to suitable teams, persons or companies. This allows us to enable people and companies who do not have their own business ideas or simply need “ready-made solutions”, a good start and side entry.

First of all we fulfill the entrepreneurial functions, which need a start-up, in order to be able to start successfully at all. The basis for this is always the idea, in order to develop new business concepts in the area of ​​Internet and mobile, or else to further develop existing concepts. This is followed by the implementation and establishment of the business model as a brand. It is only after this phase that we see the sharing of the already existing success with others and we are now giving the new company into different hands.


We turn ideas into sucessfull business models

Capitalsbest is a start-up factory and internet manufacturer for the creation of new innovative internet companies. Finding ideas and identifying opportunities for company foundations, then evaluating them and realizing them in a meaningful business model is the success of us.

Transforming business models and making them successful

We see ourselves as a company builder with our own business concepts in the field of digital economy, but also as an incubator for start-ups, which we promote and accompany with our own ideas, partly with added ideas.

Team and network of experts for the successful implementation

Our experts uses experience in the area of ​​product development, design, online marketing, public relations and social media marketing, and use these resources to promote the business idea and accelerate growth in full.

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Our vision

Develop and implement digital and successful business concepts in the areas of e-commerce and digital media, and then scale the business model, for example, promote growth through internationalization. We are accelerating the growth of our start-ups with tailor-made resources.


39 successful start-ups
39 successful business models in the digital economy have already been established and have turned themselves on the market from a business idea.

Reasons with capitalsbest
If you are planning to start a start-up in the digital economy or to adopt an already established business model, then you are right with us. Start your own business together with a Company Builder. We are your partner in the form of an institutional co-founder, who develops business concepts in the area of ​​Internet and mobile. Capitalsbest supports you with many years of experience and enables a joint success.

Please contact us and we will discuss all further steps with you.

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