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Who does not know this, you need just a form or template for an English-language letter or a simple work contract, because you want to help a household help. Normally, an employment contract is then made by a lawyer and in most cases it takes a few days.

With the new marketplace formsell you can download such contracts and templates directly and cheaply immediately and without waiting. Formsell is a “neutral template download platform” which can be used by lawyers, tax consultants and clients or customers alike.

Similar to ebay, specialists such as tax advisors, tax consultants or business consultants can open their own download shop and then upload documents, documents, templates, sample letters and contracts to the marketplace and provide them for download. In order to use the portal, the service providers have to log in, customers can also buy / download forms, contracts and templates as a “guest”, a registration process is thereby eliminated and is therefore particularly efficient.

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